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Description: Gia's pussy is aching for those two dicks to sidle up next to each other inside her as the guys pull her useless panties to the side, exposing her 19-year-old pink flower. Her mouth also can't wait to start sucking those cocks to get them hard and ready to double up in her suddenly soaking pussy. The first hole to get 2 poles is Gia's mouth as she continues to arouse her studs before they double-mount her. They skewer her from both ends first, keeping her mouth and pussy occupied before teaming up in her fun hole. Gentlemen that they are, Scotty and Chris ask Gia in what position she wants to take her double-stuffing. She chooses cowgirl as she tilts her head to the side so the cameras and mirrors can see her expression as two big cocks slide into her pussy. A mischievous smile comes across Gia's lips (the ones on her face) as she gets pounded by two guys at once in her Asian teen hole. A virtual Slip-n-Slide between her legs now, Gia starts fucking back on both cocks and controlling the action at her speed. That's some pretty dominant behavior for a girl her age. Also equipped with an oral fixation, Gia delights in deep-throating her men to keep them hard as they repeatedly double-park in her pink garage. They flip her over so she can enjoy two dicks in reverse cowgirl, also showcasing her natural 32DDs as they bounce hypnotically while the guys relentless pound her pussy simultaneously in rhythm. She rubs her clit as she gets her hole filled with more cock than she's ever had before. Gia's double vag in SPOON may be the best on this site yet! It lasts longer than any other so far and the look on her face as she is double pussy penetrated is one of pure ecstasy. Chris was listening during Gia's interview when she said she likes facials, so he delivers a mega load on Gia's face to make a beautiful mess. Scotty can't hold back while inside her and gives Gia a gooey creampie as a parting gift. Not wanting to leave her disappointed, Scotty works up another load for Gia's face too. What a gentleman. Quality cumshots and deep double vaginal penetrations like this can only be found on the internet's new home of double-dicking, 2Poles1Hole.com!

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