2 Poles 1 Hole - Lauren

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Description: Lusty Lauren came prepared. She knew she was here to take 2 poles in her 1 hole, so she brought a variety of dildos, including one the size and shape of a human hand to loosen up and show that she was up to the challenge (not that anybody doubted). MILF-y Lauren begins by inserting her own human hand in her pussy first, then progressively works up to bigger and bigger dildos, all while giving an educational lecture on stuffing big things in vaginas. Her practical examples start working her studs up into a frenzy as she graduates to taking real dicks in her mouth and pussy. Lauren enjoys watching herself in the mirror as she admires her milky white body getting plowed by her two plowmen. It doesn't take Lauren long to be ready to take both of their cocks in her pussy, thanks to all the prep work she did. Scotty and Chris slide in with ease and rock Lauren's stacked, heavenly body in all sorts of double vag positions. Lauren is such a dirty girl, she even narrates in detail how it feels to have 2 poles in her 1 hole as it's happening. She finds it harder to narrate when both throbbing cocks fill her mouth at the same time when they take a brief break from stuffing her pussy. There's much more double vag action to be had after that, all leading up to the guys busting their wads in Lauren's pussy and on her pretty face. Next time Lauren comes back, she wants to try 2 poles in her OTHER 1 hole. Does that sound like something you'd like to see? Tell us in the comments and Lauren might be our first anal girl for her second round on 2Poles1Hole.com!

Lauren P

Age: 29
Body: 36-24-39
Height: 5'10"
Hair: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: N/A
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Chris Cock

Age: 33
Body: N/A
Height: 6
Hair: Black
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Brown
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