2 Poles 1 Hole - Electra

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Description: Where else could you start Electra's epic double vag video but by showcasing her absolutely epic ass? Nestled right next to it is the other tight pink hole that will soon have 2 poles sunk into it simultaneously. Chris gets four fingers deep to loosen it up before she takes those two big rods at the same time. The first 2 pole action happens in Electra's willing mouth to warm up for what is about to happen lower down in her double-pierced pussy. Her pussy starts talking, begging to be filled with two cocks at once. She gets her wish in cowgirl for the first double-stuffing and LOVES the feeling. She practices at home with two dildos or her girlfriend's strap-on, but there is nothing like the real thing! Electra gives having two dicks in her two enthusiastic thumbs up, being unable to talk with one of the cocks in her mouth at the time, of course. Thoroughly stretched out, the next D.V. comes in reverse cowgirl as Electra moans in primal ecstasy as she gets filled with 2 poles in her 1 hole. The masterpiece of this inaugural 2Poles1Hole scene comes next when the guys get both their dicks in Electra with her in SPOON position! It must be seen to be believed. More sizzling D.V. action takes place in reverse cowgirl before Scotty blows a huge load in Electra's pussy, lubing it up for more fucking before Chris paints her pussy with load #2. These three just can't stop fucking, but the first installment of 2Poles1Hole has to eventually fade out to make way for more awesome double vag action on the only site dedicated to it, 2Poles1Hole.com!