2 Poles 1 Hole - Nadia

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Description: Nadia said she likes to kiss and starts off her DOUBLE VAG DEBUT by proving it. She smooches Chris as Scotty plays with her sporty soccer player booty. Her clothes start falling off as Nadia simultaneously strokes her 2 poles with her hands, working up to eventually getting them both in her pussy for the FIRST TIME EVER. As if Nadia wasn't wet enough already, Chris (always the gentleman), goes down on Nadia's slippery slit with his tongue to lube up her double vag virgin pussy. While she may never have had 2 poles in there before, Nadia did say in her interview how she has been fisted twice before. Chris makes it three in order to loosen her up a little before inserting two dicks in Nadia for her maiden voyage down D.V. Street. The boys spit-roast her first to get 2 poles in Nadia the easy way. Scotty remembers Nadia said she likes a little slapping, so he slaps both sets of her cheeks to make sure she's a satisfied customer. On her way to becoming a certified 2 pole princess, Nadia takes both dicks in her mouth at once to get them wet and to make sure all her holes are properly stretched out. Scotty takes her cowgirl to give the camera another amazing shot of Nadia's Olympic ass while she sucks off Chris. She has her first orgasm right before she gets her FIRST DOUBLE DOSE OF DICK in her tight pussy. Judging by the look on her face, she loves it! Nadia watches herself get double-stuffed for the first time in the mirror and it turns her on even more. She cums again, but this time it's her first-ever orgasm from double vag. Eager to try it the other way, Nadia flips over on her back on top of Scotty and lets Chris reinsert his pole in her still-tight hole. Next it's some modified spoon D.V. as Nadia lays on her side with her eyes rolling back in her head from pleasure. Nadia takes the vibrator in her hand to work her clit for what might be the world's first D.V./wand combo ever captured on camera! After one more 2 pole stuffing, Nadia wants some cum. Scotty loads her up with a creampie, as if she weren't wet enough already. Chris uses it as lube before he puts his load on Nadia's natural little boobs and stomach. One dick will never be enough for Nadia again now that she has been spoiled on 2poles1hole.com!

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